Play the Kurv guitar  (1)

Play the Kurv guitar without striking a cord

You probably fancied playing the guitar, but thought it was complicated and dropped the idea. Or, you already play the ...

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Silent Partner (3)

Kill the snoring noise with the Silent Partner

If you or your partner snore or know someone who is disturbed by snoring of his/her partner you must read ...

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Purple smart locket  (3)

Purple smart locket merges fashion with technology efficiently

Wearable tech devices have gained immense popularity in the recent years. The tech manufacturers are continuously coming up with better ...

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PVC pipe clock

DIY gadgets ideas that make beautiful gifts

Gift a DIY gadget to one of your geek friends or family members to mark special occasions. These are simple ...

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Sony PS4 Projector

Awesome gadgets for video game lovers

There is great amount of effort that goes into developing a video game.Many times a bad compatible device or a ...

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Wristocat   1

Wristocat delivers perfect wrist support for computer users

Wristocat is an amazing device made by Dave Luciewand his team.This device helps you rest your arm on it comfortably ...

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mBand  2

The mBand can revolutionize personal protection for women

The mBand is a type of wearable security gadget that is designed keeping in mind the security of women. The ...

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Remidi T8

Remidi T8 lets you tap out customized rhythms with your fingertips

Do you often keep tapping your fingers on a desk while listening to music? Now, you can actually create music ...

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Opter Sleep Tracker  2

Opter Sleep Tracker for a good night’s sleep and a healthy life

Opterhas designed an ecosystem of health trackers called Opter Sleep. This smart device automatically tracks your sleep quality and gives ...

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Recording Skype calls on iPad (1)

Recording Skype calls on iPad and iPhone

The popularity of Skype needs no introduction. In fact, some time back it had 50 million users online simultaneously. Even ...

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Flo contact-free Bluetooth thermometer  (1)

Flo contact-free Bluetooth thermometer keeps germs at bay

Are you tired of using and cleaning the same old thermometer to check your kid’s body temperature repeatedly? No matter ...

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Oral-B Genius is a smart toothbrush

Technologies of the future displayed at MWC 2016

The Mobile World Congress 2016 saw a lot of new devices that come enabled with Internet of Thing (IoT) technologies. ...

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