7-miles exoskeleton doubles as personal commutation device

Finalist of the Dassault Systemes Design Challenge 2012, the “7-miles” is a dynamic robotic or exoskeleton concept by the Czech designer Josef Ludvík Böhm, a design student at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, which not only assists the physically disabled but also strengthens the strides of normal users. Featuring a flexible design to extend between 150 and 200cm height, the active robot allows user to travel over long distances naturally, quickly and with minimum effort, thanks to compact and powerful linear electromotors.

Integrating aluminum alloys, high strength composites and “iron-air” batteries or high density capacitors, the 7-miles can be used as a city personal commutation device that can reach the top speed of 35 km/h with an operating range of 25 km. Supporting the lower body muscles, the exoskeleton just weighs 17kg and reinforces the physical capabilities of both the disabled and normal users equally.

[Thanks Josef]

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