Ramen bowl hooks Smartphone to share your loneliness on dining table

Anti-loneliness ramen bowl

Most of the young geeks or tech guys live a lonely life in hi-tech cities away from their families and have to have their meals all alone on the dining table. Addressing the issue designers Daisuke Nagatomo and Jan Minnie of MisoSoupDesign have come up with an innovative bowl called the “anti-loneliness ramen bowl” that as the name suggests shares your loneliness by bring your Smartphone to the dining table.

Hooking your Smartphone elegantly to the bowl, the now you can attend phone calls hands free or even listen to music while enjoying meals on the dining table. However, you’ll have to integrate a screen protector to keep your mobile phone display clean and running. In addition, when the bowl is empty, you can use it as a passive amplifier to intensify the sound of your mobile handset.

Anti-loneliness ramen bowl_01

Via: Cnet

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