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If you’re like most employees, then odds are you work remotely at least some of the time. Indeed, studies indicate that 70% of workers around the world work from home –– or away from the office –– at least once a week. And if current forecasts are to be believed, that figure will only increase in the future. While there are a number of benefits associated with working remotely, it’s important for professionals to have all the tools they need to do so. Thankfully, today we’ll list four tech tools that will prove invaluable for remote employees. Check them out here:

1. Chat Platform

Of course, remote employees need to collaborate with team members who live far away. As one might imagine, this can present a myriad of challenges. Though it might be tempting to simply communicate with team members through email, this isn’t the most effective platform available. Instead of using either email or text, it’s a smart play to invest in a common chat platform that can accommodate everyone on your team. That way, there’s no risk of missing out on an important message because it got lost in your inbox, or because a phone message failed to send. (Even the best smartphones can let you down!)

2. Video Chat/Headset

Video ChatSkype –– and similar video-chat services –– have enabled remote professionals to engage in real-time meetings and have quick-and-efficient discussions with team members and clients. In addition to a dependable video-chat service, though, remote pros should also invest in a quality headset. Having noise-canceling headphones and a reliable microphone might not seem like a necessity at first, but if you have to join a remote meeting while you’re in a noisy, public place –– like an airport –– you’ll be immensely glad that you have them.

3. Project Management Software

There are dozens of excellent project management software services available to remote employees. The main benefit of one of these networks is the ability to manage, delegate, and update tasks with your team. By using one of these platforms, you can ensure that you and your coworkers are always on the same page and that no assignments “fall through the cracks.”

4. Writing Apps

Grammarly appRemote employees have to write a lot –– even if they don’t have a job that centers around content creation. As such, investing in a writing application like Grammarly can help you avoid potentially embarrassing mistakes in written communications.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a freelancer who spends most of their time writing about specialized products like 24 well plates, or you’re a marketing consultant, these tech upgrades will help you work from home effectively. And the best news is that they’re all readily available –– regardless of your budgetary restrictions!

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