Battroborg 20 fighting robots deliver nasty blows at your command

Except in movies or animations, you might have never seen robots fighting for authority, survival or pure entertainment purposes. Now, how about seeing humanoids wrestling, boxing and conquering its counterpart, in person?  Priced at around US$50 and set to release on  the 14th of July in Japan, the mini robots are all set to tickle your fancies with an actual brawl that involves your directions as well. The system utilizes the 2.4 GHz frequency to maintain swiftness of action. Therefore, as soon as you make a move, the robots replicate that into actual action. Equipped with speakers and a LED damage meter, the robots do almost everything to deliver matching sounds and measure the damage done.

Dubbed as Battroborg 20, the remote controlled fighting robots respond to nunchaku shaped remote controller and deliver nasty punches while following your commands to perfection. However, you need to master the tricks of war to run the right command at the right moment. Be them punches, kicks or pushes, you oversee and monitor them all. The mechanism also ensures that robots imitate your physical movements as well, like moving forward and turning to deliver that perfect punch. If you want to hit a long range straight right, make the right hand punch movement; for a strong hook, gesticulate the left one. Just five perfect punches are all it takes you to win the battle, since it means a technical knockout.

Before you enter the bot war, make sure to have some practice sessions as training mode is also there. Did we tell you about the expected price? Yep, it’s $50 and doesn’t include the official hexagonal ring which you can see in the video below:



Via: DigInfo TV

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