Tech facts that you would find weird for sure

Today technology has simplified our lives in a way we could have never imagined. Everything around us revolves around various types of technologies. As much as it is fascinating to see how technology has changed our lives, there are some facts about technology which can astound us. Let us check some of these amazing but true facts about technology.

The popularity of the name Siri rose when Apple developed it’s artificial assistant. Well now, the name Siri is no longer referred to the artificial assistant only. Today, this has become a name parents choose for their girls, that is right, many parents are now naming their newborns as Siri.


The name Firefox is not just a browser but it is the name of a red panda. Found in the region of South West China and the Himalayas, the literal translation of the original name of this native is Firefox.

Free registration of domain names


Today there is a price a person has to pay if they want to register a domain name, however, until 1995, the registrations of domains were free. The company that was behind the development of the registration fee was Network Solutions.  The rights was given to the company so that they could charge for domains names. Initially, the cost of registering a domain name for two years was $100, but then they revised the fee and dropped it down to $70 for 24 months in 1997.

The first computer which worked on water

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In 1936, Vladimir Lukyanov used tubs filled with water to run the Lukyanov computer. This was possible with the help of interconnected tubes that were installed through a complex system for solving partial differential equations. The plugs and taps changed variables and altered the water flow to provide the necessary results. The measurement of the water levels in the tubes was used to get the end-result.  This computer is presently displayed at the Moscow’s Polytechnic Museum.

NASA system hacked by a 15 year old

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In 1999, NASA was shaken by the hacking of their data by the hands of a 15 year old. Jonathan James, used his skills and intercepted the data that was sent by DTRA or Defence Threat Reduction Agency. He not only had access to the employees of DTRA but also to more than 300 passwords, usernames and messages. If that was not enough, he also got his hands on the International Space Station source code that was used to control the humidity and temperature. This forced NASA to take down their computers so that they could fix this problem. The three week shutdown costed NASA $41,000. He was sentenced to prison when he turned 16 since he was only 15 when this incident happened.

The fist logo of Apple

The famous Apple Logo that we know today was not the first logo of the company. Sir Issac Newton was featured in the first logo of the company where he was sitting under a tree. It also showed an apple right above his head as though it was about to hit him.

8 hours just to get one picture taken

Today within a matter of not even 8 seconds, we can take a picture with our smart phones. But do you know that when the first camera was invented during the 1800’s, people had to wait 8 hours until they got their picture. This waiting time was not for the processing but it was for sitting still until the picture was taken just to get that perfect shot.

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