Asus VivoBook S15 is not only lightweight but also pocket friendly

When we talk about features looks and size, the VivoBook S15 is a budget friendly laptop, which comes with a variety of features. The display size of 15 inches not only makes it a full-sized notebook, but it is also a lightweight, easy to carry notebook that weighs 3.6 Lbs.
Specification of the ASUS VivoBook S15

With an Intel kaby Lake Core i7 – 7500 U CPU processor, this notebook has a built-in memory of 16 GB and a storage of 512 GB SSD. The various connectivity options included in the VivoBook are the Bluetooth 4.1 and the Intel AC 8086 58265 wireless AC. It is also equipped with a mic and earphone, HDMI outlet, and 4 USB options to add to the benefit and feature of The Notebook. The Windows 10 operating system, stereo speakers, VGA webcam, white backlit keyboard are the additional benefits of purchasing this laptop.

The first look and design of the Vivo book S15

If you look at the design of the VivoBook S15, it is a petite and slim laptop with appealing light. Around the screen, there are narrow bezels. The outer case of the laptop is made from smooth plastic. The exterior of the laptop is made from metal, which gives the laptop a durable finish. This laptop is designed perfectly to ensure that even if it is lightweight it is a sturdy piece. It is ideal for rough use.

Let us look at the screen of the VivoBook S15

Size at 15.6″, the Matte Finish of the casing that surrounds the screen helps in protecting it. Situated right on the centre top part of the casing lays a built-in webcam. The maximum brightness offered by this laptop is 246CD/ m2 when it is powered on. The maximum brightness have contrast is 740: 1.

The track pad and keyboard

The keyboard of the laptop is very smooth. It is ideal for people who use the laptop regularly for the living. It includes a full sized keyboard but does not include the additional numeric pad that you would find in various other laptops. The touchpad of the VivoBook S 15 is not just smooth to use but it also helps in the prevention of gliding when the user is using it. The Click button comes with a nice sound and click and does not give you any problems while you are using it.
Performance and hardware

With a multitude of configuration and a variety of features, this laptop will not give you any issues when you are using it. It also has 2 memory slots hidden inside the hole. It comes with a built-in CD ROM. With features like the i7-7500 core processor, 16 GB RAM, 2.5 2tb spinning plates and 512 GB M.2 SSD, this laptop is a perfect option for people who use a laptop regularly. The chips and parts used inside the laptop are branded and are made from good quality material.

Concluding note

The Asus VivoBook S15 is a good choice when you are looking out for a laptop that is not just pocket friendly but also perfect for daily use. Solid performance, decent track pad and backlit keyboard, matte IPS screen, good IO, are all the benefits you get when you purchase this notebook. It’s lightweight, compact and slim body may get you thinking whether or not you should of opt for this laptop, but as the saying goes never judge a book by its cover. So if you are looking for a laptop that suit your needs and is easy on your pocket then this laptop is a good choice for you.

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