Designer Razan Sadeq conceives Study Helper for blind students

The Jordan-born, Danish interaction designer Razan Sadeq loves to create physical interactions by combining technology with human experience. With her aim to enhance the way people live, she has come up with great product designs targeted at modern users in the past. However, this time, she shifts her focus toward the visually disabled people (students, to be specific), and has conceived a device which is supposed to help blind student in grasping things in a better way than they had been doing thus far.

Dubbed as Blind Student Study Helper, the concept device allows students to navigate through audio courses with extreme ease. The iPod-inspired device flaunts audible menus to make it easier for blind students to follow audio instructions. These instructions lead students to navigate through available options.

The neat design combines different modules with a microcontroller among other components. For example, vmusic2 interface is there to mingle a MP3-decoder with USB mass-storage-device. By running their fingers over the display, students may perceive an indentation in the middle which is surrounded by four navigational buttons. Users may access folders and files by listening to vmusic2 instructions that emanate from code running on the microcontroller. Vmusic2 keeps pronouncing the folder and files names to help users access and play the selected files.

[Cheers, Razan Sadeq]

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