PUCK concept device helps you connect with friends, family

While being open to interact with anyone to broaden our social network, we often forget to care for those who need our attention. Yes, I am talking about our family members, our possessions and some precious moments that make our lives worth living. Realizing the need for a device that could keep us connected to them always, industrial designer Mark Bell has designed a device that responds to any online or mobile device that can receive a call. So, while on the commute, you can connect to folks at home when you like to and that too, with extreme ease.

Dubbed as PUCK (Personal Unified Communication Killer – APP), the concept household device has small footprint and hence, fits any home décor flawlessly. The hockey puck-sized apparatus is compatible with wireless networks and accessories like headphones, earbuds, etc. PUCK flaunts full color touch screen that supports HD optics for clearer visibility in poor lighting conditions.

Before finalizing his product design, Mark went through couple of rough drafts. The first concept design has a camera neatly concealed behind Gorilla Glass exterior. You could also see (in images) an interior glow ring around camera that disperses infrared light under low light conditions. Second design consideration includes one USB port for affixing power plug or other USB-supported devices and several holes for ensuring proper ventilation and proper functioning of the device. The final design, aside from including both design considerations, flaunts a full touch screen and high definition wide-angle optics with auto focus. To add more appeal to his design, Mark incorporated a chrome outer ring that operates as on/off switch.

[Cheers, Mark Bell]


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