Viva: Origami inspired speaker is perfectly portable

Origami, since it allows compression to otherwise bulky stuff, has inspired gadget makers around the world to bring portability to their products. Viva Speakers, designed by Jang se-chan, tags itself along the same mantra to appeal to the portability-freak gadget lovers. The docking speakers flaunt bifacial body that turns in any direction or stretches out to acquire a cubical shape. Being perfectly compatible with iPhone and Android phones, the speakers can connect to any smart device through Bluetooth sync.

With just a simple counter twist at the top and bottom, it transforms from a flatter device into a cubical shape. The pocket-sized speaker produces sweetest tunes through its all four sides by creating a surround sound system. Made from aluminum and adorned with chrome finish, the Viva Speakers make use of empty space as soundbox to deliver great bass sound.

Undeniably, it’s a great design that awaits speedy realization.

Via: YankoDesign

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