Blind couple creates first smartphone for sight impaired

For someone born blind, texting is nothing less than an arduous, uphill task. None could ever realize how taxing it is more accurately than someone who hasn’t seen anything but darkness around him since birth. Roger Wilson-Hinds (partially sighted) and his wife Margaret (blind since age 5) have undergone this agony and hence, has devised and created a suite of smartphone apps to help visually disabled do texting without making much effort. Christened as Georgie, the slew of apps help blind people communicate and navigate with no trouble.

It took 18 months and around 40 people to develop and test Georgie apps. With Georgie apps installed on their smartphones, blind users can track their location and plan the way to their destination by following phone’s spoken instructions and using voice-assisted touchscreen. Users can tag hazardous routes, text, and tweet, take photos and listen to audio books and favorite podcasts as well. The apps will eliminate the need of reading aids, GPS navigations devices, computers and Braille displays.

Available exclusively through Screenreader’s partners, Sight and Sound Technology, the package that costs around £299 to £447 includes a smartphone (Samsung Y, Samsung Xcover, Motorola Defy+ and Samsung Galaxy Ace) with Georgie pre-installed. Another option allows users to download Georgie apps to any Android phone for £24.99 to £149. All proceeds will go on to support the Communication for Blind and Disabled People charity.

Via: Metro

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