Simple yet effective tools to create amazing content online

The success of a site or blog rests on quality content. Content managers have to generate fresh and interesting content to retain and maintain readership. There are some quality content generation tools which helps save time, effort and resources of managers as well. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a streamlined process that takes its cue from quality digital content generation tools.

Here is a list of some simple, effective and of course, perfectly practical online tools that are fetching ample takers nowadays for all the right reasons. Read on to know more:


 Ubersuggest is one tool

Keywords play a vital role for a digital marketer. The more effective a keyword is, the higher is your rank and your site attracts that many more visitors. Thus, it is imperative to choose the right keywords. Ubersuggest is one tool which performs keyword search. The simplicity of Ubersuggest makes it ideal for you. You have to just type in the keyword, select the language and source. The “source” is where Ubersuggest is different from other keyword search tools as it gives results from different verticals, like web, images, news, shopping, video and recipes. It can be expanded to give you keyword ideas too. It adds “for men” and “for women” which are very relevant to your article. It can help you discover new untapped ideas and being extremely fast saves your time. Thus, it helps you become an avid follower of the latest digital marketing trends.



Evernote helps in sharing digital content, ideas and research with your team members. It helps in every step of the writing and editing process. Evernote can be connected to all your devices which makes your work accessible wherever you are. Once you make a note which can be in the form of text, image or document, Evernote stores it forever and you never have to hunt for those scribbled notes again. It’s a writer’s dream come true!


 Storify is a Web app

Storify is a Web app for curating and creating content, which has found many followers. It allows you to develop and edit a story using various forms of multi-media and on-scene content, with your sources being aware of their inclusion in your reporting. Your stories are therefore verified, valid and accurate. Its embed function allows you to post your story on various platforms like WordPress including social media tools like Twitter. You can build your story via your iPad too.

Portent Title Maker

 Portent Title Maker  Tool

A great title wins half the battle as it can make readers click on your story. The Potent Title Maker Tool helps generate the perfect title for your content. It gives you the right suggestions for an eye-grabbing title that will hook readers on to your blog post or presentation. This tool was developed to measure title tags according to pixel length just like search engines do. You can preview your meta title tags, meta descriptions and URLs to see how they will actually be displayed in the SERPS i.e. Search Engine Result Pages.



Need to write that all-important essay but don’t have the time? You don’t have to think any longer about “who is going to do my essay?” The EssayOnTime will do it for you. It has a pre-decided per page fee of $7.5 which you have to pay after you approve your essay. They will follow your instructions strictly, as their team of professional writers ensures that there are no grammatical mistakes. You have to set the deadline within which they deliver your custom essay. They can help you with formulating your essay and providing you with additional research of your subject too.

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