Kill the snoring noise with the Silent Partner

If you or your partner snore or know someone who is disturbed by snoring of his/her partner you must read on. You probably might have tried a host of solutions and received results with a varying degree of effectiveness.But, is there a permanent solution? Let us find out.

What causes snoring?

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There could be several reasons behind snoring, including a simple cold, allergies and more. We will take up the natural cause of snoring here. The process begins when you enter deep sleep, the muscles of the throat, tongue and roof of the mouth relax. The relaxed muscles of the throat block the air passage. This causes the tissues to vibrate, and generate the terrible snoring sound.

What is the Silent Partner?

The Silent Partner is the “world’s first smart patch to quiet snoring noise.” It is a simple, small and lightweight gadget to kill the disturbing snoring sound. If you have a habit of snoring, the silent partner will create a silent zone around you, so that you and your partner can doze off with ease.

How to use the Silent Partner?

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Using this gadget is easier than slicing a cake. You got to simply place the device on your nose. It is flexible enough to take fit on any nose shape. Will it not fall when you turn sides? No, it won’t, because the designers are clever. A medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive is on the gadget that will stick it on your nose. No need to worry as it will peel off easily and it is reusable.

How does it work?

Here comes the interesting bit, the secret of its effectiveness.The gadget utilizes a simple phenomenon called active noise cancellation (ANC). The gadget is smart enough to sense the snoring sound, after analyzing it, the gadget produces a counter sound to nullify the effect. The phenomenon is based on the principle of destructive interference.

Brief technical specifications

Two rechargeable hearing aid batteries power the gadget. There is a mini-USB port to charge the gadget. The battery keeps the device active all nighton a single three-hour charge. Other components on the device include a power amplifier, micro controller, resonance chambers, a sensor and speakers. The on/off switch need not be specified.

If you or your partner snores this is the best gadget that you can get to experience a sound sleep. You will definitely thank yourself or your partner for choosing the Silent Partner.

Source : Indiegogo.Com

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