Virtual girlfriend, in case girls don’t think you’re cool!

How valid is the idea of creating a girlfriend and programming her to respond to your whims and fancies? While most of you may have your mixed bag of responses – detest or go bonkers over any such proposals, a Japanese gadget freak thinks otherwise though. The anonymous hacker has reportedly tied a Kinect sensor with a pair of video glasses to bring her girlfriend – a Vocaloid, named Hatsune Miku – to virtual, submissive existence.

Miku’s PC heritage allows her to complement music with dance movements or follow her human boyfriend while jumping and skipping along the way. In the video below, you can see the virtual buddy – only if the creator could treat her that way – giggling when patted on her head. Getting grosser, the Japanese hacker slaps her on her head and she frowns to express disapproval.

If you treat your girlfriend this way, you’re supposed to get similar response from her or, maybe, a nasty punch to send you off balance. Anyhow, technologically speaking, the video goes on to demonstrate “what we will see in the future.”

Via: TecheBlog/DailyMail

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