Camera o1 concept takes its inspiration from paper’s texture

Creatives at RYAN HARC have that peculiar tendency of surprising all with designs that portray everyday objects in altogether a different shape. Now this time, the designers have come up with the Camera o1 that takes its inspiration from paper’s texture. The design nomads (as they love calling themselves) have made profuse use of embossed marks and ink stains through the conception of the concept camera.

Since the designers “wanted to put some analogical feelings into a digital camera”, they harked back on traditional cameras that so heavily relied on the analogical aspect of images. To deliver that retro feel, they decided the proportions of their camera by following normal paper edges and dimensions.

In the image above, you can see the embossed marks between letters that go on to display the date and time when you clicked that perfect shot. After all, for avid photographers at least, it’s always essential to have a record of their snapshots. The embossed marks are equally visible on the side cover for battery and memory card slot.

According to designer:

E-ink display shows the time when you took the picture.

It can be records about when you made precious memories. At the same time, it can be also another fun element giving pleasure. After all, camera is a tool for capturing certain moments. E-ink would enhance soft and analogical feelings.

Speaker holes, power and shutter on/off button sit along the upper side of the camera. Users may zoom in and out of the images by pressing a button on the right side of the device. Moreover, the 4-inch display has enough diagonal measurement to help users review their clicks.

Just a concept as of now, we need to wait to see this concept going into production sometime soon.

[Cheers, RYAN HARC]

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