Rovio teases Amazing Alex fans with official trailer

We’ve had enough of Amazing Alex – in waiting – already. Seriously, gamers can’t just hang around to lay their hands on Rovio’s new mobile game anymore, though it’s scheduled to be released on July 12 only. Now, aiming to appease the nerves of these avid gamers, the official trailer has arrived just in time.

In the video below, you can see the whiz kid causing chain reactions to get his job done. Users will find it Amazing to explore a whole world of creations that spans across 100 challenging levels. While users employ Angry Birds-like physics gaming elements, they advance to the subsequent levels that seem to challenge their grit. As the users can create and upload new levels, the challenge grows fiercer and more amazing than before.

As we already stated in the beginner, the Android and iOS users may avail Amazing Alex at Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Just a bit of info before we wrap it up: Amazing Alex is a creative imitation of Casey’s Contraptions, which developers Noel Llopis and Miguel Friginal sold to Rovio in May.

Via: Mashable

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