Gadgets and gizmos for the love of the geeky photographer

Gadgets and craziness seldom part ways. This is stands true for photography as well. The market is surging with such numerous devices that one finds it a whole hell affair to try out any of them. So confusing is the overlapping diversity of their features that one ends up wondering that he should buy and what he should not.

Adding up to it, some photographic oddities have cropped up in the markets that swing our mind in amazement, even as they temp us to buy them. Here let us have a look at a few of them-

1)      The iPhone Telephoto Lens

The iPhone Telephoto Lens

The device seeks to enhance the impoverished photographic capabilities of mobile phones by adding a telescopic lens to it. Just place the lens in a special photo case that comes with the iPhone and enjoy photography just like a professional photographer.

2)      Ring Flash Adapter

Ring Flash Adapter

This large necklace lookalike device is a handy object for fashion photography, macro photos, portraits and documentary photography. The device is suspends down from the flash slot on the top of the camera around the lens in the shape of a necklace. The device removes unwanted shadows around the subject and lightens it evenly.

3)      Pets Eye View Digital Camera

Pets Eye View Digital Camera

The device is particularly useful to those pet owners who remain most of the time of the day out from home, leaving their pets to fend for themselves. The digital camera works virtually like a third eye for your dog. The device is attached to the collar of the pet and it takes shots at preset intervals of 1, 5 and 15 minutes. This way the owner is able to monitor the day’s activates of his pet.

4)      Underwater Digital Camera Mask

Underwater Digital Camera Mask

This digital camera mask is perfect photography device for those who love to go on scuba diving. The device frees the diver’s hands even when he is able to click amazing underwater photographs. The device enables the diver to take up to 32 high-resolution shots or up to 50 seconds of film. The only minus point of the device is that it cannot be carried beyond 15 feet depth in water.

5)      The 3D Hero System

The 3D Hero System 2

Our digital cameras enable us to run only one function at a time- either photography or filming. But 3D Hero System combines in both the functions. The Camera features two sets of lenses aligned side by side so that you can enjoy the advantage of both the functions from the same device. The Camera generated 3D videos. The camera is easy to use and can be operated even by the novices.

These amazing devices might seem bit odd, but they are very much functional to answer the needs they were built for. These photographic oddities are made for normal users and definitely stand out as collectible items for Geeky photographers.

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