5 Really Weird Ammunition Forms

We have seen our fair share of ammunition forms. And while most of them serve their purpose, there are some designs that have us absolutely stumped. Here are 5 of those really weird ammunition forms that leave us wondering as to what they were actually built for.


Homing Bullets

Move over smart phones and TVs. It’s time for the Smart Bullet, a bullet which can successfully hit targets located nearly 2000 meters away with wonderful levels of accuracy. The bullet comes with an in-built optical sensor that controls the miniature fins located near the bullet’s tail end. All you need to do is point out the target with a laser and fire. The optical sensor in the bullet would then track the laser point and navigate the fins to make the bullet land just a few inches from the target (about 8 inches).


Dragon’s Breath

Here’s an ammunition design that could help individuals chase away potential invaders from their homes. Called Dragon’s Breath, the magnesium based ammunition shoots out a flame that can reach distances of over 100 feet. Now that’s something you would want to look forward to on a dark night. However, remember that you would need absolute control over the gun in order to use it lest you want to risk burning your own home down.


XREP Taser

We have all heard about the traditional Taser that would give you a shock upon contact. The problem with these Tasers is that you need to be really close to the target in order to stun them with it, something that may not work out in your favor at all times. Enter the XREP, a gun like device fitted with a Taser that can actually be deployed to hit targets at a distance of 30 meters. Now that’s something every women should have in her handbag we say!



Gone are the days when you had to carry along heavy ammunition in order to take down vehicles. The FRAG-12 is an anti-armor weapon that is both portable and very potent. The explosive slug can reach distances of 200 meters, and can literally penetrate up to 12 millimeters of steel. Throw one of these onto the path of an oncoming vehicle and you can kiss the latter goodbye. What’s better, these slugs can work along with the AA-12 shotgun that can shoot at least 450 rounds of these bombs every minute.



Heard of the traditional harpoons designed for fishing? Well, here’s an ammunition form that can fire miniature harpoon like bullets into the sea. Called the APS, the assault rifle used bullets that were 4.7 inches long, and placed in a 39×5.66mm MPS cartridge. The unique design of the bullets enabled them to move through water faster without facing any issues with range or stability.

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