5 of the Best Gaming Keyboards

The keyboard happens to play an integral role in your gaming arsenal. Providing you with the ability to make precise movements, the right gaming keyboard would be the difference between you winning and losing a game. So how do you know which would be the best gaming keyboard from so many gaming keyboards out there? Simple, we have narrowed down the list to 5 of the best and most popular keyboards preferred by gamers worldwide.


The Corsair Vengeance K60

Deemed to be Consair’s first attempt at developing a keyboard solely for gaming purposes, the Corsair Vengeance K60 comes with laser etched keys and a stylish aluminum chassis. The device utilizes Cherry MX Red Keys for a quick response while playing. It also comes with a numeric keypad with keys from 1-6, and a textured WSAD that is specially contoured to provide a better gaming experience.

Another particular highlight of the K60 is its impressive 20 KRO (Key Rollover) over USB (limited to just 6 keys in other keyboards). This means gamers can use all 20 keys at the same time. And the 1ms polling rate would ensure that all the 20 keys would be registered at the same time.


The Razer Black Widow Ultimate

The latest entrant to the BlackWidow gaming keyboard developed by Razer, the Black Widow Ultimate has the same feature set as its predecessors, but comes with LED backlit lights for more effects. Each key in the keyboard enjoys an individual backlight, and there are five different backlighting levels one can choose from.

The Ultimate uses Cherry MX Blue Keys for easier typing, and comes with multimedia controls to adjust the volume quickly while gaming. It also has a provision for the user to record and save macros among 10 different profiles while gaming.


The Microsoft Side Winder X4

Considered to be a successor to the X4 gaming keyboard from Microsoft, the X6 boasts of several impressive features for the best gaming experience, including fully backlit keys, 26 KRO, programmable macro keys, and automatic profile switching etc.

The laser automatically loads the macros designated for the specific game as it is being loaded, thus letting the gamer enjoy unlimited key combinations, all of which would be sorted and categorized by the inbuilt bundled software. Fitted with great looks on the outside as well, the X6 offers a very good feedback, making it a sound choice for both gaming and typing.


The Steel Series 6GV2

Deigned to deliver the best performance for gaming, the 6GV2 comes fitted with Cherry MX Black keys with gold plating that offer the best and fastest response during gaming. Although it may look like any ordinary keyboard, the 6GV2 also has shortcuts designated for volume control, along with the provision to switch from a standard USB to a PS2 port, thereby giving the user the ability to use unlimited key combinations at the same time. The plastic keys are also strong enough to take a beating during intense gaming sessions.


The CoolerMasterQuickFire Rapid (Black)

The latest addition to the CMStorm line-up of gaming keyboards, the QuickFire Rapid is compact as well as portable, making it the best choice for LAN parties. The device comes fitted with different variants of Cherry MX keys, with black being the most sought after. The laser etched keys will not wear out soon, and come with extra key caps in case you need to change them. The rubber grip ensures an optimal grip while the switch to PS2 mode from USB would enable the use of several key combinations at the same time.

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