Go the DIY route for a cooling pad for your laptop

Laptops are ubiquitous these days. Useful as the devices are, they have a bad habit of heating up. This can be avoided if a proper cooling pad is used to help the laptop cool down. Here are a few ways and suggestions that can be employed to make usable cooling pads for your laptop.

Cooling pad idea 1:

 plywood board cut

Preparing the materials

Going the DIY way on your cooling pad will first of course require getting the required materials ready. Start with a plywood board cut to the dimensions of your laptop. You will also need fans, a power source for the fans, and some woodworking equipment from your toolkit.

Start with a plywood board cut to the dimensions of your laptop. Drill holes to the sides, which will work as pathways for air to flow freely. A couple of fans can be placed next to these holes to ensure a steady supply of air current, and to dissipate heat generated by the laptop. If you’re comfortable with circuits, you could use power from the laptop to power these fans, or use an available battery to get them to work. If plywood is not your material of choice, you can always use cardboard instead.

Cooling pad idea 2:

 Cut acrylic sheet according to the dimensions of your laptop

You could create a cooling pad from acrylic. Get ready with all the materials like USB cord, fan, wires, sharp saw, and screws. Cut acrylic sheet according to the dimensions of your laptop. Bend this sheet and make holes at the right and left sides. Inside this bend and beneath holes place the fans and attach them with screws. Connect fans to a power source, which will set them to work throwing the heat away.

Cooling pad idea 3:

 PC fan

Cooling pad can be prepared from old computer parts as well. Things you will need are PC fan, charger/ adapter, hard disk drive shelf, tape, and wires. Start by attaching fan with charger through wires and cover it with tape. Now put it on the hard disk drive shelf and attach it with tape. Cooling pad is ready to use.

The advantage of cooling pads is that they help in the better circulation of air towards the laptop and will help with the cooling. It also helps in boosting the sounds of your speakers, if your laptop has speakers at its bottom. Prevents sudden failure, and laptop will last longer. So cooling pad increases the life span of laptop and make it work efficiently.


Make a functional cooling pad for your laptop with easily available accessories, and just some basic skill. A well cooled laptop is a laptop in shape.

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