The cycle that is Impossible

There comes a product every now and then that is going to take your breath away. One of those products today is “Impossible.” Probably you would understand the name once we explain that it is a folding bicycle compact enough to fit into a backpack. Yes, that is pretty much why it is called impossible and rightly so too. To be honest, it is more than just a foldable bicycle. It is incredibly light and very durable too.

A Cycle made to perfection        

Impossible cycle_3

The cycle is built around circles rather than a single straight line. The frame is obviously one of the most important aspects of the cycle as it balances the weight out on the rest of the cycle. The whole weight is spread equally across the frame and thus the seat and the handle bars are aligned in one line making it primarily easy to cycle. Because of this, the front and rear wheels are able to take the weight well too. The entire load of the rider is split on the two bearers and thus makes a smooth right.

Carbon fiber is used as the primary material so that the final product is both light and durable. The frame in the centre is made of heavier steel and this can withstand heavy weight as well as light shocks. Impossible is able to carry a weight of 85 Kgs today.

Keeping every inch in check

Impossible cycle_2

The goal of saving space was most important. Hence, you would see that the riding saddle and the carrying case are the same. There is a charger in place to ensure free rides during a tiring day too. It has a 2900 mAh battery that lets you go at about 20 kmph for about 45 minutes. Quite swift too! You can also use it for about 25 kilometers in about regular speeds. The electric motor makes it very user friendly. All you need to do is point the front week and you are on the move. There are few customizable options present as of now, say about 40% and the end product definitely looks sleek and a good hands on product. The cycle can be set up straight in about 4 steps and it is extremely easy to go on the move.


The cycle is light in weight and can be fit into a simple backpack, making it so easy when you are on the move. The impossible looks like a great deal to have in university or a large office space and that might be a great target market for it.

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