Zombie proof car to help you survive zombie apocalypse

So you don’t believe in apocalypse or the dead man walking down the city streets for sucking the life out of you, do you? Even if it’s real and anytime you find those bloodthirsty creatures, i.e. zombies, coming your way, you should know the way to keep away from them. Robert Kirkman’s zombie-proof car might be just the right machine to guard you in any such situations. Designed in close cooperation with Hyundai, the modified Elantra Coupe is good enough (?) to rescue its users “through hordes of flesh-eating undead”.

Dubbed the Zombie Survival Machine, the car has everything you could ask for to survive that apocalyptic scenario. It comes decked with spiked tires to defend you sideways, a plow with spikes to slay one attacking from the front, armored windows for better resistance, and a roof hatch from where you may take aim at the zombies. Mashable reports that Hyundai doesn’t intend to release the zombie-proof car anytime soon. However, if you wish to see the customized car in person, be sure to attend the San Diego Comic-Con International where it will be showcased this July.

Else, watch this video that takes you through the design and manufacturing process:

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