Arcadie for iPhone works without Bluetooth

Available to pre-order from Firebox, the Arcadie case transforms your iPhone into a mini gaming zone. The stylish retro cover hides the major part of your device. Only the screen pops out to allow users play any of six free games with the 8-way joystick and A & B buttons. While one half of the screen works as the control interface, the other half serves as the display. The mini arcade supports 4:3 ratio to offer the perfect scale model, thus allowing gamers to play free games like Blasteroids, Alien Invaders, Ping, Stacker, Planet Defender, and Invaders on the screen. The mini arcade is fully compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,iPhone 4S and iPod Touch v3.

With dimensions reading 9cm(W) x 14cm(H) x 8cm(D), the home-entertainment system lets you revive that retro 2D feeling. Since it doesn’t connect to an iDevice via Bluetooth, the users don’t need additional batteries or coins to enjoy playing games. Priced at £14.99 ($23.29), the mini arcade system – though it works a bit like an iPhone dock – doesn’t include any complicated setup. Still, it delivers the truest arcade feel. What you need to do is just slide your iDevice into the rear of it and enjoy free gaming. Soon, you could see a larger version for the iPad.




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