Introducing the First Ever Cordless Earphones, Earin

When we think of earphones, then we instantly think of ear speakers connected with a bunch of intertwined wires. Earphones have always been like this since their inception, the only thing that has enhanced along with technology is the sound quality.

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Earin is out to break the image of the wired earphones as these ones are touted to be the world’s first smallest wireless earphones. Earin is currently a part of the Kickstarter project and these earphones can work without the jumbled up wiring! This might sound very futuristic, and it essentially is as these tiny noogers are connected to your device through Bluetooth.

The Earin has a Bluetooth chip embedded inside the left piece and therefore receive the signal and transmits it to the right piece for stereophonic sound. The Earin earpieces are so tiny that you can hardly spot them inside the ear.

These earphones have a very stylish storage case, which also works at the charging port. The earphones can work up to three hours after complete charging. This earbud-like device is a vision of a team that is led by Olle Linden, a mechanical and design engineer, and does away with the messy cables as it fits comfortably inside the ear to provide the optimal sound experience and quality.

Earin Cordless Earphones

The Earin buds weigh 5g and measure 14 mm in diameter and 20 mm in length. The buds run on a 50 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which can be recharged when placed inside the storage capsule that has a USB cable.

The company provides various foam tips to cater to different ear sizes. However, it is also observed that the earbuds can get loose by jolts and bumpy rides and to overcome this there is a “Concha lock” system made out of silicon that provides a better and secures fit. The team also went in for armature speakers, which are used in hearing aids, as they provide greater outputs and are more energy efficient despite being small in size.

Earin is an idea that was conceptualised by Linden five years ago, however, the current technological strides in wireless transmission of stereo sound has made his idea come to life! Now, you can experience amazing sound quality through miniature earphones that do not come with messy wires. The incredibly compact and small Earin device is the answer to delivering high quality audio sound in a magical way!

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