Futuristic, funky yet strange gadgets

Electronic companies keep upgrading their gadgets regularly, making them sleek, multi-purpose and easy to use. Right from designing to using the right technology, electronic designers keep exploring new ideas to give a trendy and futuristic look to their products and designs. Here are some of the funky yet strange gadgets for geeks.

Samsung Galaxy Skin

Flex Phone: Samsung Galaxy Skin

This Samsung Flex Phone is made of pliable dual AMOLED displays mounted on both sides of the phone. As the name suggest, you can twist and bend this Android phone in different shapes. You can keep it in the pocket of your shirt like a badge or can wrap around your wrist like a watch. Moreover, you can use it for video conferences by folding and resting it on the table.

Designed by Haeyon You and Haeseong Jee, Korean students specialized in designing and engineering respectively, the 0.3 inches thick gadget features a micro projector. It has a 4 inches VGA screen on both the sides.

Fujitsu Lifebook 2013

Snap-together laptop: Fujitsu Lifebook 2013

Developed by Prashant Chandra, this is a multi-purpose device, which comprises three devices, namely phone, tablet and digital camera, in it. You can combine them into one piece or can simply use them individually. You can use the tablet as laptop and can synchronize the data with any of the three devices whenever needed.

 TransluSense ClearTouch keyboard and mouse

Floating peripherals: TransluSense ClearTouch keyboard and mouse

This gadget comprises a ClearTouch keyboard and mouse that virtually float on the desktop. It is made of tempered glass on an aluminum base. Desgined by Jason Giddings, it has translucent peripherals with individual keys or mouse buttons that do not move. This device does not use touch screens, instead it uses frustrated total internal reflection. In this technology, an infrared light pulse is sent through the glass. The camera installed in the device, receives the signal when you press a button and then implements the command.

 Mobiado CPT002

See-through phone: Mobiado CPT002

Mobiado, which is a licensee of Aston Martin, has been into designing high end Smartphones. Mobiado CPT002 is one such see-through phone designed by the company. This Android phone is made of ultra strong sapphire crystal frame, while the edges are made of platinum. It is not only scratch proof but also lightweight.

 Real notebook Designed by Kim Min Seok

Opening the book on laptops: the Real Notebook

Designed by Kim Min Seok, it is a flexible display technology. It is made of a bendable AMOLED display and can be used as a traditional laptop, however, with a touchscreen keyboard. You can also transform it into a book.

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