Why software escrow could be key to the success of your app


Apps have been on the scene for a while now, and like with anything that sticks around, the novelty has worn off.


It’s no longer enough for a company to produce an app and simply sit back and watch the download numbers rocket. Recent studies are showing that consumers are getting wise to bad apps, and the tolerance levels for underperforming software is bottoming out.


Apps must perform well


Your app now needs to perform well or risk being deleted along with your influence and presence in the market place. A study by the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) shows that with the proliferation of apps in the market place, it is quality that is starting to matter rather than quantity.


They surveyed 2,000 people and found that 65% of respondents said their expectations of apps had ‘increased significantly’ in the past year.


More than eight out of ten people delete or uninstall apps on a regular basis because they don’t perform as promised or as well as they would like. After bad experiences with apps, 28% of users try another app that offers a similar service and 23% stop using it altogether.


A whopping 40% tell friends and family about the negative issues they have experienced which means your firm could gain a bad reputation all too quickly.


App software


As you can see, the software and development of any app you release is extremely important to your long-term future. For large companies and multinationals with in-house IT and design teams who are constantly updating their coding, this is a battle that is more winnable.


For a small business, an app can be the ultimate ‘make or break’ situation. Often, if you are licensing software externally, it can be a one shot deal.


Those aren’t good odds, which is where software escrow or source code escrow comes in.


What is software escrow?


When making a licensing agreement, by both parties agreeing to use an escrow service, they can both protect their interests. The software licensor can protect their intellectual property and product, and the licensee can guarantee access to the coding in the event of bankruptcy, therefore protecting their investment.


A software escrow service offers a safe, climate controlled and protected environment in which to store source code as part of licensing agreements.


They are independent and trusted third parties that will act to resolve disputes and situations in the best possible interests of all involved and are definitely worth investing in!


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