Launch Your Dream Without Breaking the Bank

Becoming a business owner is an expensive venture when you take the traditional route. However, thanks to advances in technology, there is now a way to launch your dream without breaking the bank. Opening an eCommerce store can save you thousands of dollars compared to its traditional counterpart.

Prior to starting an online shop though, there are a few considerations you need to make. Some of these will be in your hands alone, while for others you may want to bring in additional resources. Ask yourself some of the tough questions that any business owner needs to explore before opening their store, then consider the design of your website. This is as important as the design of a physical location would be. Do not forget about marketing. There are thousands of websites available to consumers online, so it will be important for you to stand out in order to become successful.

Soul Searching

The first step anyone that is considering opening a business needs to take is to spend some quality time alone. Let your creativity flow while answering some important questions. Among these, which style of store do you want? What do you want to sell and for how much?

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Some questions will take time and research. Look through your competitors’ websites in order to get an idea of their prices. Do some market research in the very beginning stages of your journey to ensure that your idea will have a place in the market once it comes to fruition.

Consider the results of your research carefully and make any changes you may need to succeed as early in the process as possible. This way, you can save yourself the money and stress of having to make the changes later.

Site Design

After your idea passes the initial tests of social searching and researching, it is time to get to work on starting an online shop. While your first sale is still in the future, there is still plenty of work to be done. The results of which may influence your website visitors and customers once you go live. You should take a hard look at site design.


An eCommerce website’s design is an important as the physical design of a traditional brick and mortar location. You want the site to be inviting, easy to navigate, and as user friendly as possible. Always keep your future customers in mind during this phase. Depending upon which vendors you choose, an eCommerce site can be designed and launched for less than the cost of your monthly car payment.

The short list of vendors that you will need to search for includes:

  • A reliable website host. The saying that time is money is certainly true when it comes to an eCommerce website. You want to ensure that your site will stay online at all times. Time is also an important consideration when it comes to the pages of your website. Websites with faster load times are more likely to attract and retain a customer base. If you notice that a page is loading particularly slowly, check the coding, look for any possible issues with your server, and take a close look at your content delivery system. All of these factors can negatively affect the page load speed your customer sees.
  • A shopping cart provider. Your customers will need somewhere to complete their transactions, so check into a variety of shopping cart platforms. Consider the cost and security of each one until you determine the provider that will work best for you.
  • A content management system.
  • Security.



The best designed site in the world is not going to make a penny for you, if you don’t market it right. Social media is quickly becoming a powerful business tool that allows you to reach a worldwide customer base in just seconds. Learn how to harness it for your own benefit.

Consider paying for certain types of traditional advertising. Even if you are strictly an online business, utilize all avenues of advertising available to you.

Your website is your best marketing tool. Make sure your customers will want to refer their friends, according to Practical Ecommerce. Create an environment that is inviting, interactive, and leaves them wanting to return to you when they are need of your product again.

Launch your dream without breaking the bank by creating an online store. This platform will allow you to sell the products you are passionate about for thousands less then a traditional store. Consider all elements before going live. Develop marketing strategies that turn internet browsers into paying customers. All of this can be done for less than the cost of your monthly car payment.

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