Five of the craziest USB hubs you will ever see

In today’s world, computers are an integral part of our lives and we need to use USB sticks to keep back up of our valuable data. There are different types of USB hubs available nowadays and some of them really look crazy. We will look some such crazy looking USB hubs in the following section.



As the name suggests, this USB hub is shaped like a real plane and the propeller in front is a working fan having the switch over cockpit to switch it on or off. There are two USB ports on each of the wings and as you plug the hub into your PC it makes a noise similar to what we hear when a jet plane takes off.



Formed like a skull, the top part is hollowed so that you can keep your paper clips, candies or keys in it while the bottom part works like a USB hub. It will surely be an interesting add-on for your work desk.



Named after the famous mythical Gorgon woman, who had snakes in her hair and was ugly enough to turn people into stone who looked at her, the Medusa USB hub has been made keeping the aesthetics in mind and surely looks interesting. It has total white finish and consists of four USB ports, couple of FireWire 400 connectors, a light as well as a small fan.

 Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar:

It is in the form of a chocolate bar and all the four ports work like modular flash drives. There is a touch screen in the middle of the USB hub which lets you see as well as organize all the files present in your USB drive without the need to connect to any PC.



These USB hubs are unique and let you feel as if you have a laptop computer. There are four ports to use in the hub and you can use it in Windows as well as Mac OS. You can change it into a robot and make it stand in different poses as it has multiple joints which make different movements quite easy and have some fun doing it.


Most of us do require a USB hub and if you have anyone of the above, you will certainly stay engaged with them while working. These USB hubs can become interesting accessories on your work desk and make visitors stop for a moment and look at them.

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