Five dated gadgets still available in the market

The pace with which technology is evolving, gadgets become dated within a year or even months. If you love using old gadgets, here are some dated gadgets that still are available in the market.


Toshiba DVD/VCR Player

While growing up in our native place, we use to rent movies on VHS and watch them multiple times before returning it back to that small shabby street store. The person who used to sit at the store seems uneducated but use to pretend super techie. We use to run hurriedly because few minutes had left of the slot and not returning within the slot timing will cost extra amount, as late fee. If you want to get that feel, Toshiba’s has something to offer you! Available for $120 online, this VCR boasts one-touch recording and that big ugly black boxy look. No wonder, your family and friend after spotting this gadget in your media room will be equally nostalgic and surprised.


Coby CX-244 Portable AM/FM Cassette Player

Today, we all are so busy with our activities engaging our self from twitter to facebook and from flipboard to Pinterest; we even don’t have time to take our beloved mom for a 10-minute walk. No wonder, your mom has worked day and night all her life for making your home. Smallest of kind gesture is a rarity today, especially for the youth. How you supposed to pull off that boom box scene from “Say Anything” without any portable tape players still in production? Here’s a gadget: the Coby CX-244 Portable AM/FM Cassette Player. It offers you a one-touch, automatic level recorder & mdash; which gives you the opportunity to store anything; only if you have a blank cassette tape!


Crosley Rotary-style Telephones

What is it about old phones that make them so appealing? Maybe it’s the sound of the ringer. Maybe it’s the feeling of the handset and the way you can easily put it between your ear and shoulder. Or maybe it’s just nostalgia for crosley rotary style telephones. These phones combine the beautiful, wired designs with modern electronics for a best-of-both-worlds experience. It’s easy and more fun with a crosley rotary style telephone device just cost you about $50 to $70 apiece.


AT&T Adjunct Answering Machine

Today, you must have got voicemail on your cool looking Smartphone. On the top of that, you must be having multiple apps, which will give you more advanced voicemail service, such as WeChat, WhatsApp etc. However, do you remember a special device just made to serve you to record all your messages? Hmm! It will make you feel important in its own way; the lovely answering machine from AT&T’s online store is here for you.


Bytecc USB External Floppy Disk Drive

Remember that old, beautiful 3.5-inch floppy disk& mdash with small rectangular size, black color and plastic coating. It may store the small data (1.44MB) which will not allow you even to store your one favorite song and have stopped coming in the market long time ago. However, this will surly give a nostalgic feel and take you to those old difficult times of 1980s. All this comes with the Bytecc USB external floppy disk drive available at through NewEgg.

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