Batman Gadgets for geeks who love everything Batman

Batman is a superhero that fights against the crime and protect innocent people. A greatest detective or a comic/movie super hero, Batman is a fictional character that was introduced in 1939. Like any superhero that you might have seen, Batman has some peculiar characteristics too. As Spiderman sticks to any surface and Wolverine having destructive powers, Batman moves himself from one tall building to another in a single jump.


Like any other comic super hero, Batman enjoys immense popularity so much so that people are crazy for it. Therefore, it’s no wonder that we see anything made related to the superhero – cars and gadgets are on exception. If you are a geek and loves anything Batman, you would surely love to read about the Batman gadgets we have discussed in the following lines.


Grapple Gun

When Bruce Wayne started building his new identity as Batman introduced the grapple gun which was developed by Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprises, a magnetic gas gun which is able to attract certain metals (iron and steel) etc. This gun is placed on the back on his survival belt.


Smoke Pellets

Batman uses smoke pellets to fight against armed enemies when he is under fire. This helps him distract and beat his enemies. Batman used this gadget for first time against joker goons. These pellets emit lot of noxious smoke that helps Batman rid his enemies of and take them down.


Shock Gloves

Batman uses his shock gloves to defend himself against the electric current attacks, to disable his enemies, shield him and as an electronic baton. However, the gloves need to be recharged before being used.


Explosive Gel

Explosive gel batman gadget contains explosive gel that is applied to a surface and can be operated by a button on the side of the gadget. Batman uses this tool on loose walls to stun his enemies. It is a tool build using foam like material that can be controlled by a remote device. It is also used for passageways openings, it is a wonderful weapon and it sprayed quickly in battle that can interrupt the progress, movement of enemies.


Freeze Grenades

Mr. Freeze created this gadget. This tool encases everything in its radius of blast in block of ice. Batman uses this for freezing his enemies, unable them to work and foil their intentions. Batman also used the device to freeze the water and make ice platforms to walk.

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