Solar Powered Gadgets to sustain the environment

Solar power means conversion of solar energy into electric form. Technologists have started building gadgets that runs on solar power in a large way, because they are environmentally sustainable and have a limitless fuel source. Technologists are leaving traditional technology behind and adopting the drive going on across the world. The conversion of solar energy into electric power can be done by either using PV (photovoltaics) or by CSP (concentrated solar power). If you are also interested in reducing the pollution on the planet and wanted to use some solar products, here are some gadgets that you can use in your daily life:


Lightning System

A solar lightning system that normally used for domestic purpose to provide energy collected at daytime. Lightning components includes PV (photovoltaic’s), solar batteries, lightning system and charger. You can place PVs in your terrace/roof to accumulate solar power and install the batteries and chargers in a safe place at home.


Refrigeration System

A solar powered refrigeration system is made up with thermal power and novel control techniques. It includes a PV (photovoltaic’s) panel, a speed compressor and a thermal reservoir. The PV is responsible for converting solar power into DC electrical power. The DC electrical power has a compressor that directs refrigerant with a compression loop to extract the energy from insulated enclosures.


Solar Cookers or Solar Oven

Solar cookers used for domicile purpose are the best tool of a homemaker that takes care of improvement in cooking, health, children’s safety, household budget and educational opportunities.  It produces no pollution, therefore helps in preserving environment. It uses no fuel, runs on sunlight and is easy to operate. You just have to put the cooking stuff inside it and wait for some time.  It is a form of outdoor cooking which used in conditions where less fuel consumption is required.


Solar Table

A table that catches solar power and converts it into electrical power is known as solar table. Just place this gadget into your backyard/terrace where it can accumulate solar energy. You can run your computer, laptops, mobile phones, radios, water filters and much more with the inverter that is included with the table. It comes built in with a battery, which juices up in just a few hours when exposed to sunlight. It is usually build with stainless steel, aluminum, silicon solar cells, and fiberglass.


Solar Blanket

A blanket fits over the top of water pool, and also known as solar cover. It prevents water in pool from being cold at night and reduces chemicals from converted into vapor.

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