Five must-have gadgets and appliances for modern homes

With the fast moving living along with its challenges and uncertainties, the need for domestic gadgets has become all the more palpable. The invention of home appliances has offered a giant leap when it comes to household chores. Such innovative inventions have substantially increased the efficiency of household work along with decreasing drudgery, thereby enabling women in pursuing their occupational roles. Here are five must have domestic gadgets:



This has become a mandatory home appliance in today’s era. It helps to keep food fresh and intact for longer periods. A refrigerator makes shopping as well as food preparation convenient and that too at an affordable cost. This advanced technology is both sophisticated and functional thereby helping to preserve the freshness and quality of foodstuffs for a good and healthy diet.



Almost every home has a microwave these days. This is because by cooking food in a microwave oven will not only help to save time but also make the food tastier. This kitchen appliance consumes minimal electricity and above all is easy to operate. The best part is it does not require supervision and retains the nutritive value.


Washing machine:

With 80% of women being working women today, a washing machine is indeed necessary for modern homes. It is a great time saver with excellent cleaning performance. One of the greatest benefits is it does not require bending down for loading and unloading clothes that can create havoc on one’s back.



Washing utensils are indeed a thankless task. Thus using a dishwasher is a wise idea. Along with saving effort and time, it uses less water compared to washing utensils by hand. This is because this appliance recycles and filters water. It is also a hygienic means for protecting the family against bacteria and harmful germs that generally build up on tea towels, dishcloths and sponges.



This cooker can offer one with a convenient and cost expedient way of preparing healthy dishes and thus should be included in every busy individual’s kitchen. One can add their ingredients in the pot and easily head off towards their work. This kitchen appliance helps in conserving electricity thereby offering significant cost savings as it uses a little amount of electricity and heat.

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