Tips to help you take care of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion batteries or Li-ion batteries are the type of rechargeable batteries hugely used in various electronic devices presently. It works on the fundamental of lithium ions moving from the anode to the cathode during discharge and while charging, they move back. The electrode material in Li-ion batteries is intercalated lithium compounds. Li-ion batteries have almost replaced lead acid batteries in electronic devices as these offer better energy densities, no memory effects, and low loss of charge when unused. Li-ion batteries are also used in electric vehicles and aerospace applications because of high performance. As compared to other batteries, Li-ion batteries are light in weight so they are easy to use in small electronic devices without making the user face any problem to carry the device.

As Li-ion batteries are used in almost every electronic devices nowadays, you should take a very good care of the batteries used in your devices to help them last long. Let us discuss few tips on maintaining the health of the Li-ion batteries.


Storing the Battery

The Li-ion batteries need to be stored in a cool place to perform better and last long. If you place the battery in a high temperature or very low temperature, the battery may spoil soon. The temperature fluctuation makes the battery expand and retract and makes it lose its power. The battery may damage partially or completely due to frequent fluctuation in temperature.

If the battery is unused, then do not charge the battery completely. The charge should remain up to 40 per cent in the battery else it may create problems. If the devices running on Li-ion batteries are running on direct current, the batteries can be taken out for that period of time.

Recharging the Battery

Use the battery until the power is completely used. Recharge the emptied battery completely. If the battery will be recharged before all the power has been used, it may damage the battery by shortening its life.


Using the Battery

Use the correct batteries for correct devices. Do not try to use a specific mobile phone battery for other mobile. Every Li-ion battery is designed based on the design of the device. If a battery meant for a specific gadget is used elsewhere, it may create problems for the device and the battery will also wear out soon.

Using Correct Charger

To charge a Li-ion battery, the charger must be used which is manufactured for it or compatible with the battery. Using different chargers may hamper the battery as there are chances of overcharging, short-circuiting and so on.

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