Five amazing and useful gadgets for golfers

Golf is regarded as one of the most expensive sports globally. This sport requires many gadgets to facilitate and deliver the best shot every time. Though the gadgets are small, they are pretty effective in providing a better experience of playing golf during summer and spring. The manufacturers worldwide have tried to present many amazing gadgets to the golfers to make their game better. These gadgets may help in preparing the budding golfers to be expert ones. The avid golfers always welcome usage of new technology in golf. While some gadgets enable you to gauge the distance to the hole, others help you examine the swing of the ball, and even provide a digital score card.

Let us discuss few of those amazing gadgets that have been an essential part of the quiver of any golfer.

Bushnell NEO-X Rangefinder Watch
Bushnell NEO-X Rangefinder watch is the lightest and thinnest golf GPS watch available in market today. It is loaded with 30, 000 plus updateable courses for golfers’ dereference. It also does not require any downloads or membership fees to work on. This watch provides the golfers with an easy front, center or back distance gauging, auto course or auto hole recognition, one shot distance measurement and many more.
Game Golf
Game golf is a newly invented gadget which helps in counting the scores. It works with the help of a GPS receiver and a near field communication. It helps in recording the clubs used by you, the swing generated by your shot, and the distance covered. This gadget makes you able to upload your score cards and share results in social networking sites.

The GolfSense sensor and the app that comes with it helps a golfer fix the golf swing for better golfing experience. The sensor can easily attach to the golf gloves using two rubber straps present on the back of the sensor. The light weight of the sensors does not even create any problems while hitting the ball or swinging the golf. It helps you analyze your swing in real time and provides you the privilege to compare the swing of your golf stick with others.
OGIO Aquatech Bag
This bag is not only water resistant but also it can accommodate each club in its place thank to its unique design. It also provides the golfers with a zipper less pouch to place the golf club in the required slots.

TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs
TaylorMade Daddy long leg putters are manufactured with stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, tungsten and so on. It helps you hit from the sweet spot of your golf club. As it has a moment of inertia rating of 8500, it does not let your club to turn and it reduces the chances of a bad hit.

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