Five most important tips to speed up your computer

Computers have become an unavoidable part in everyone’s life. Whether you are s student, a working professional or a businessperson, you require computers every time to perform your tasks or secure your very important data. With the gradual usage of the computer, it becomes slow as the components grow weaker than before. The main slowing down agents for computers includes spyware, malware, viruses, and unused data. If you do not remove these slowing agents, it might take a huge toll on your computer and end up in spoiling its software completely. You have to get it repaired and spend huge money for the same. It is better to take care of your system and clean it up on a regular basis to avoid it from crashing.

Let us discuss few tips on speeding up your computer.


Schedule Disk Cleanup

A built-in disk cleanup tool is available in Windows. It helps in removing temporary and old files from the system as a result, the hard disk space is restored and your computer runs faster than before. It is quite helpful to use the disk cleanup tool on a regular basis say weekly and monthly. The cleanup process depends on the usage of your computer. The cleanup task can be scheduled using the task scheduler in Windows.

Remove Malware, Spyware, Viruses and Adware

Malware, spyware, viruses, and adware are responsible in a great extent in slowing down your computer. To remove these, get a good antivirus installed in your system and scan your system periodically. You can use antispyware and other spyware and malware removal tools for better results.


Turnoff Windows Features

With the installation of software, a lot of features are also installed by Windows automatically. You may not use all of the features though it takes a lot of space in your hard disk. You need to check the installed program on a regular basis and uninstall the features you do not require. It helps your computer get rid of the unwanted software and makes it perform a bit fast.

Install Programs in a Virtual Machine

Installing programs in a virtual machine enables you to make your system free of memory usage and makes it fast. Programs can be installed in a virtual machine through different virtualization programs such as virtualBox or VMware workstation or Player. In case you uninstall the programs, the remnants stay in the virtual machine and your host machine avoids becoming slow.

Limit Number of Items in Folders

Unlimited files in a single folder can affect your explorer and make your system slow. To avoid this inconvenience, you may distribute the items in number of folders.

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