Five cheap and green DIY projects

DIY projects are a great way to nurture your creative instincts and also to spend your free time in the most productive way possible. So, if you are thinking about doing some DIY projects this summer, following ideas may inspire your building skills greatly:

  • Solar-powered emergency radio

Created by Joshua Zimmerman, this solar-powered radio can be created at home by using some basic radio materials and Altoid tins and it will cost you only $3. Zimmerman, in his website, elaborately explains all the steps necessary for creating this tiny radio. Doing this project can be a lot of fun. Moreover, this radio can also be a lifesaver during disasters.


  • Homemade solar oven

Solar powered devices are completely eco-friendly machines that run on renewable power sources; however, those are pretty expensive devices. But, here is a solar powered oven which is not only eco-friendly and saves electricity but will cost you only $6. This simple DIY solar oven made up of a simple cardboard box and some tin foils can provide you with delicious food in your own yard during the summer without using any electricity.

  • Laptop stand

Overheating laptops can be a very annoying problem especially if you are working on some big projects in your laptop. So, here is an amazing looking DIY laptop stand designed like an IKEA product. This stylish laptop stand can be made easily at home and it will only cost you a maximum of $8.

  • Bike Panniers

Summer is a great time to get some exercise, play in the sun and ride your bike. Cycling is the kind of physical activity that not only takes you from one place to another but also gives you enough exercise. So, if you are planning to use your bike to support your errands this summer then you will also need some space in your bike to hold your things. A great DIY bike only takes $4 and some time to complete.


  • Solar cellphone charger

This is Joshua Zimmerman’s another creation that will power up your cellphone battery by using the solar energy. This small and handy device can really help you a great deal during natural disasters that highly affect the power supply and cripple all the communication devices. Moreover, because of its small size, you can carry it in your purse, glove box, backpack, etc. It never runs out of battery power during the day.

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