Five best gadgets for photography lovers

Photography is one of the most beautiful, subtle and intricate way of describing an emotion, a situation or just a chain of thought. This is a reason we all love photographers. But have you ever wondered what a photography lover would love to own? Well, if you are thinking about gifting your photography lover friend a gadget that will surprise him and make him feel great about his abilities and photography, then this list is especially created for you! This list includes a range of gadgets that photographers, whether novice or professional, would love to own.

  • Photo Album Coffee Table

What is a great way to profess your love for a photographer? Gift her/him a Photo Album coffee table that captures every bit of a memory you have created together. This coffee table looks exactly like a photo album, but the best part is that it could be used for a dual purpose as a photo album. Nostalgia of your memories together will definitely overpower your loving photographer.


  • Gorilla Pod

A regular Tripod is boring, plus it has its limitations as it can’t be bent at different angles. Nevertheless, a tripod should not affect a photographer’s ability to click great photos. So, a Gorilla Pod is an excellent gadget for photographers who love mind boggling angle shots. This pod can be easily clung, grabbed and grabbled. Plus it can be wrapped around bendy legs. Therefore, this tripod wouldn’t actually be a barrier. And because of its stability, you can use it different ways, capture shots from different angles and experiment in a variety of ways.

  • Camera phone lens

A photographer loves to shoot, but on a variety of occasions, carrying a camera is difficult. This can sometimes be very frustrating. However, with camera phone lens, you don’t have to worry about carrying a camera everywhere, because you have a lens right in your pocket. These small lenses can transform a normal camera phone into a professional camera. These lens come with a magnetic ring that stably snugs up on the cell and you have a sturdy camera to click wonderful pictures, whether you want to click wide angles or close ups!

  • Let’s drink

What’s the best way for a photographer to stay connected to his roots? The answer is Canon Camera Lens Mugs. These mugs are in the shape of a 24-104mm camera lens that can be used for drinking coffee or tea. It’s somewhat similar to ‘The World’s Greatest__________’ you have ever purchased for someone.


  • Underwater camera

Now what if a photographer wants really beautiful pictures underwater? Well, he obviously cannot have a regular camera there. So, why not give a photographer an underwater digital camera, which is not just affordable, but also works underwater. There isn’t anything about it that a photographer won’t like!

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