Five awesome keyboards that will make you say wow!

Your fingers might be tired of typing on those old alphanumeric keyboards. While the computer hardware is improving by leaps and bounds the importance of having a comfortable, enjoyable typing experience on your computer cannot be stressed less. We have seen a number of ergonomic, innovative keyboards come up in past few months and below we discuss five such coolest keyboards that will make you say wow!


Virtual Laser Keyboard

The best keyboard must be the one that you can carry in your pocket and use it with any device at any time. No we are not talking about the stretchable, foldable keyboards but a virtual one, which actually projects a laser beam on a surface and records the keystrokes of the user. The device is based on direction technology based on an optical recognition mechanism. As soon as user taps on a key it produces a tapping sound, also called as WOW effect. You can connect it to your device through Bluetooth or USB.

Optimus Maximus

Optimus Maximus is the most customizable keyboard ever. It lets you determine the function of each and every button on the keyboard and you can arrange them whichever way you want. IT dynamically displays the current function of every button can easily switch between different keyboard layouts.

Luxeed LED Keyboard

If you care about form as much as about features you’ll love Luxeed’s LED keyboard.  You can chose from 512 different LED colors and assign one of your choice to a key. The world’s first programmable color keyboard is a perfect gift to present to your geeky girlfriend.

Cyborg Gaming Keyboard

In case you’re a gaming geek you cannot miss to lay your eyes on the powerful hulk among the keyboards named Cyborg. Besides its solid design the keyboard offers you a number of customizations to make your gaming easier. This includes a touch sensitive, backlit dashboard that allow you to changes lighting, volume and other controls at the tap of a finger. It gives you the freedom to determine the function of 12 separate programmable Cyborg keys, whom you can assign special functions such as buying arms, initiating a talk etc.


Optimus Tactus

Optimus Tactus is another revolutionary keyboard design that doesn’t board physical keys, but a touch sensitive surface that can be used to customize shape, size, function and images displayed on the keys.

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