Five wacky wooden gadgets to surprise your geeky friends

We may be living in the age where diverse set of plastics, silicon, fibres etc. are used to give form to electronic gadgets around us, but wood has a class of its own and makes things look timeless and beautiful. You may possess some crazy electronic gadgets that surely surprise you but in case you want to take a look at some wacky wooden gadgets, just scroll below.


Wooden Vespa Scooter

The wooden Vespa scooter by Carlos Alberto is simply stunning. We have seen Vespa scooters evolve in last few years but this fully functional wooden Vespa takes creativity to the next level. Designed by Carlos Alberto for his daughter Daniella this scooter made of laminated hardwood, boarding a 50 cc motor is just what you need to make your friends and neighbors envy you.

WeWood wooden watches

Next time one of your friends asks you about time, boarding a WeWood wooden watch on your wrist would be the right way to surprise him/her. These watches remain true to their wooden nature with display and knobs being the only parts not made of wood. Polished with a natural finish these watches come in different shapes and sizes and are just the right ones to make a unique fashion statement.

Plywood Headphones

These David Burel headphones are made from nine layers of curved, varnished plywood. Each of these units is made to order and gives you the freedom of getting one with custom fit. The price is though on a higher side with each pair costing you around €250, however, you might not find such unique combination of form and feature elsewhere.

iWood Cobra iPhone case

A luxury wooden case for your iPhone, iWood Cobra case just adds icing to the cake. Made of a base of wenge or padouk the case is fused with the stripes of maple in the center. You can give it a more personal touch by getting it engraved with the design of your choice. While the wenge and maple combination will cost you 140€, padouk and maple is priced at 120€. Giving it the so-called personal touch will cost you additional 10€.


Hacoa wooden keyboards

If you think plastic on your computer or laptop looks boring, it might just be the time to give Hacoa wooden keyboards a try. You may need to unleash some of your carpentry skills with this DIY kit that would cost you just over $300.

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