Super cool office gadgets that will change the way you work

 You work Monday to Friday and after a short weekend, you again end up at the office, at your usual desk, with a pile of files in front of you and a long day ahead of you. Tiresome, isn’t it? Routine work and stress from work load are both a part of our job and coping with such things can be very difficult. Technology has definitely made it easier for us to work and perform better with improved Operating Systems, computer peripherals, and laptops. Now it is trying to dispel the office boredom.

Here we have listed some cool office gadgets, which will make working more fun and pleasant for you.


Scan Toaster

How would you like to eat a little news? That’s exactly what you can do with the very sleek and portable scan toaster. This office gadget designed by Sung Bae Chang can get your daily news, updates, data or designs printed on pieces of toast. The device needs to be plugged into a USB port and the bread placed inside it. Electrolux is the official manufacturer of this device.

USB Air Conditioned Shirt

Made from cotton and polyester, the USB Air Conditioned Shirt is certainly a great innovation. If you are working in a hot environment then you will just need a USB drive to power the cooling system of your shirt. As you plug in the shirt, air will start passing through the shirt. You can use this shirt even outdoors. All you need is a spare USB port.


Nappak Portable Sleeping Cube

Did you work too hard or did you stay up all night completing a project? The Nappak Portable Sleeping Cube is a great gadget for you. It will help you catch a quick nap at any time and at any place. It looks similar to a small cubicle and it is actually a mattress that provides you some privacy as well.

The USB Stylus Pen

This pen is amazing as it can be used for three different purposes. You are getting a ball pint normal pen and a PDA stylus with a stylish soft tip. Apart from these functions, you will also get a USB flash drive that can store data of importance. Carrying information has never been more stylistic than what this flash drive offers. It flaunts a memory of 8 GB.

USB Powered Beverage Chiller

This one is a handy device for getting the beverages as cool as you like. The office soda machines do not always chill our soft drinks as per our wish. A cool drink is all you need sometimes to refresh yourself. This gadget gets power from the USB to chill soda cans and more.


The Smart Rabbit

This cute device keeps you abreast of latest work developments, data, general info and much more. The cuddly looking bunny uses Wi-Fi technology for doing its work.

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