Sony releases music video shot exclusively on Xperia Z smartphones

Sony’s Xperia range of smartphones may not be in the news as often as Samsung’s Galaxy series or Apple iPhone range, but the handsets have quietly carved a niche for themselves amongst loyal fans. For most people, their first cameraphones were from Sony and for most people who couldn’t afford an iPod, Sony’s Walkman series of phones were the best possible way to carry their music around. Sony’s Xperia range too has proved to be all around and well rounded entertainment centric smartphones that have been made to deliver outstanding music, photography, videography and viewing experience to their users.

Sony has recently revealed the latest of the Xperia Z smartphones and as part of a project called Xperia Versus The Northern Lights, the company has roped in the services of Martien Mulder, the noted shutterbug, LA based musical duo Drea Smith and Tim Nordwind of PYYRAMIDS and OKGO’s Damian Kulash to test the new Xperia Z smartphones out in the Arctic Circle.

The team of entertainment experts travelled to Swedish Lapland to test the handiness and sturdiness of the Sony smartphone in an extreme climate that can prove challenging to shoot a video in even with the most Avante Garde audio and video paraphernalia. The team recorded the guitar play and vocals on the Xperia Z smartphone right at the Arctic Tundra.

To interpret the sound of color and to capture what the Northern Lights would sound like, Damian played out stunning melodies on his Nyckelharpa in the below freezing temperatures which made the instrument sound like it was emerging from outer space. Mulder, on the other hand used his amazing imaging skills to capture the essence of the pristine beauty of the Arctic using nothing but the Xperia Z to bring the crisp and bright sunlight, the snowy scenery and the Ice Hotel’s reflective surfaces to life for his audience.

Once they had recorded the sounds live under the sun and shot the music video using the smartphone itself, the team returned to the tipi and used the fantastic One-touch function of their Xperia Z handsets to combine their individual efforts and to create the stunning music video dubbed “From Under Other Stars”.

The official music video is of course as stunning and enchanting as one could imagine though the real star of the show here has undoubtedly got to be the Xperia Z smartphone that the team used since both the audio of the music video as well as the cinematography used in it appears quite professionally done indeed. If that isn’t the best of Sony in a smartphone, we really couldn’t say what else it could possibly be!

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