Five gadgets to geekify your dull dorm room

You may miss the luxuries you enjoyed at home once you become part of your college dormitory but trust us there are still a number of ways in which you can bring comfort and entertainment back to your dull, bland dorm rooms. Below we list out five gadgets that will help bring back the zip and zest to your life at the dormitory.


Podtime Sleeping Pods Everyone misses the old days of privacy and sound sleep after entering in a dormitory.Podtime sleeping pods are just the right gadgets that promise you peace even in the noisy, disturbing environment. Your dorm room might be just plain bland but this sleeping pod adds more style and class to your living space. The pods are made of polycarbonate tubes locked by frosted doors fitted with a mattress to give you some rest. You can customize them at request and add more features such as multimedia capabilities, LED lighting and more. The only downside being it doesn’t come for cheap and you might have to work part-time to get one.

Marshall Fridge You won’t miss anything more than the chilled beer in case you don’t have a refrigerator in your dorm. You can surprise your colleagues while opening the doors of your Marshall fridge when they would think of it as an amplifier. The knobs at the top do perfectly in deceiving your victims by camouflaging your fridge as an amplifier but they also pay homage to Spinal Tap band. You can stack up enough beer in this that costs around $300. Legend of Zelda wall mural Remember the old days of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda. This eight by three foot wall mural takes its inspiration from the game and gives you the opportunity to go back to those good old times besides adding more class to your dull dorm room. Available at just $40 you cannot strike a better deal than this.



Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks You cannot afford to be without something not related to Star Wars in case you brand yourself as a geek, and just in case you don’t have any such accessory these lightsaber chopsticks is your chance to join the club. We don’t know whether or not you love the Chinese food but in case you do and your dorm is in dark these chopsticks might be the ideal one to enjoy dinner.


Smart Trash Can You may get eventually get tired of all the clutter in your limited dorm room. Smart Trash Can may just be the right choice to rid you of the squalor because as soon as you direct your trash to this trash can it calculates its position (thanks to Kinect connected to the computer) and catches hold of it.

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