Bizarre gadgets for geeks to own in their kitchen


In case you are one of those geeks whose exploits are not just limited to the computer room but also pervades to your kitchen we have put on display some geeky kitchen accessories that you must consider. Below we list five such accessories that keep you one with your geeky nature even in the kitchen.


ApfelBrett (Apple Cutting Board)

We know how much you love your Apple Pro Macbook Pro and there is no need to miss it much in the kitchen. Given the indispensability and heavy use of a cutting board in the kitchen ApfelBrett, whose design is inspired but Macbook Pro ensures that you both are always together.

Tetris Ice Moulds

Most of us grew up playing Tetris on our handheld gaming device. We may not think of it much anymore, but the game was truly a marvel in it time. Tetris ice cubes will just remind you of those good old days or maybe you can game with those ice cubes.


OCD Chef Cutting Board

If you’re one of those geeks who is always possessed with mathematical accuracy which you also want to bring to your kitchen nothing else can give you more precision than the OCD Chef cutting board.  The board is etched and marked with precise measurements and angles in both the dimensions. This cutting board is your opportunity to get obsessed with shape, size and patterns of food items in the kitchen.

Fred Equal Measure Measuring Cup

The Equal Measurement Cup gives a new perspective to how you measure items in the kitchen. Being a geek you must have why we need to always measure things in terms of weight or quantity. This heat-resistant borosilicate cup gives you the freedom to determine the number of sugar grains in the cup, the number of water drops in it, the number of grains of flour, and much more.

Voodoo Knife Block

Voodoo Knife block Is certainly one of those gadgets that will compel you’re your visitor to pronounce lol!. The block has five strategically located blocks to place the knives, which may actually hurt really bad to a real thing, but actually makes it a more bizarre, fun accessory to have in the kitchen. The five knives come in different size and shape to give you the freedom to deal with food items differently. You also have a number of colors to choose from varying from glittering chrome to soothing olive.

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