Top 5 weird and hybrid gadgets

Toilet paper Dispenser cum iPod dock

If you are the type of music buff who cannot even spend a second of your waking hours without listening to music, then this Toilet Paper Dispenser cum iPod Dock from iLounge is the right product for you to use in your bathroom. This iPod dock connected with the dispenser can support any type of iPod model and the integrated USB slot helps you to shuffle. The speakers are kept hidden in the arms of the dispenser while the navigation buttons are conveniently located on top for giving you easy access. So, with this dispenser, there is not a chance that you will ever miss a song even while you are in the bathroom.

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Toaster

A slice of toast in your mouth and the morning news in your ears is the perfect way to start one’s day and now with the new Hammacher Schlemmer’s Toaster it has become possible every day. This cool looking toaster is also installed with a radio which allows you to make your toast and also listen to the radio without making space for a radio and a toaster separately in your already packed kitchen.

The Spacesaver: Washing Machine cum sink

This combination of both washing machine and a sink on top can be regarded as the true definition of a space-saving appliance. It is engineered specially to function properly both as a sink and also as a washing machine and it is most suitable for houses with scarcity of free spaces.

Mc Car: Car and scooter

A combination of both scooter and a car, the display of this unique vehicle is currently going on at the Shanghai Motor Show. This unique combo is designed to help you in situations where you had to park your car too far away from your desired destination due to lack of parking space. In such an event, after parking your car you can easily cover the distance with your scooter installed at the back of your car and therefore save yourself from the trouble of walking those blocks.X Mark I: Computer mouse + Calculator

Introduced by Canon, this wireless mouse can also perform the functions of a calculator. This mouse also contains Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, three clickable buttons, a scroll wheel and a 1200 dpi resolution. It can be a very useful device for people who need to use both the computer and a calculator at the same time.

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