Top 5 Geeky R2-D2 Star Wars Toys


Star Wars is one of the most widely popular sci-fi series after which numerous characters were merchandised as toys, posters, cups and various other objects. Although Star Wars has made many popular characters and the debate for the most popular character might go on for years, but in the field of merchandising, no other character can beat the epic R2-D2. You will find numerous toys and gadgets made in the likeness of R2-D2 than any other characters featured in this famous sci-fi series. So, we have picked some of the best R2-D2 toys and placed them in this top five list.

The interesting R2-D2 trashcan

This R2-D2 trash can seem like disrespecting our little droid from Star Wars but you cannot deny the fact that no trashcan on the planet is as awesome as this one. It is also one of the most popular R2-D2 merchandising products across the globe. So, owning one of this awesome R2-D2 trash can might keep your memory forever refreshed about this famous character ever made and most of all, you will never have to excuse yourself from taking out the trash.

 The R2-D2 Inflatable Floating Pool Chair

This floating pool chair in the shape of Star Wars’ R2-D2 can add an extra touch to your collection of Star Wars toys and gadgets. Moreover, sitting in this inflatable pool chair either in the beach or in your backyard pool will not only let you enjoy the water to its fullest but will certainly make you feel safe.

The R2-D2 Back-Buddies Backpack

This R2-D2 Back-Buddies Backpack looks almost like a pillow and is cute and soft as well. The shape of this backpack has been designed exactly like the original R2-D2 you watched on the Star Wars show and if you were a die hard fan of this show then what better way to display your fandom than by taking R2-D2 as your backpack every day.

R2-D2 Figure Bank

This R2-D2 Figure Bank is 11 inches tall and is shaped exactly like the little droid of Star Wars, which can come in pretty handy to help you save money for buying other R2-D2 toys or any other stuffs of your choice.

R2-D2 headphones

For the fans of Star Wars, these R2-D2 headphones are the perfect headphones to put over your ears either for listening music or for even better to play various Star Wars games. This can be considered as another perfect R2-D2 gadget to add to your collection of Star Wars souvenirs.

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