Smart Forvision sat-nav to guide bikers safely to their destination

Smart Forvision sat-nav

Inspired by the steering wheel of Smart’s new concept car, the “Forvision,” designer Keith Reilly has come up with a wrist-mounted sat-nav that will allow safe and easy navigation to bikers, while enhancing the user experience. Dubbed the “Smart Forvision sat-nav,” the futuristic navigation system is easy to operate and functional in use, which will navigate bikers safely to their destination.

Designed with cycling couriers in mind, the new navigation system by the Irish designer can be worn on your wrist like a watch to allow easy access to the user on the move. Featuring a smooth design with copper buttons on a white curvy surface, the hi-tech sat-nav apart from being functional also becomes a fashionable accessory for the trendy users. Presenting tactile feedback to the user, the Forvision sat-nav is not only safe but also adds to the overall pleasure.

[Cheers Keith]


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