Moidoi camera lets kids preserve their childhood memories

Moidoi camera for kids

Usually parents refrain from passing on their expensive digital camera to their kids to circumvent any inane damage, which not only annoys kids but also hampers their creativity and zeal to learn. Addressing the issue, South Korean designer Jinhwa Oh has come up with a special camera for kids dubbed the “Moidoi” that presents a flexible design so that tots could take pictures with ease.

With Moidoi kids can preserve their precious childhood memories, while stimulating their creativity by communicating with the bigger world. Featuring a photo taking function, together r with a video phone function using the lenses attached on four sides, the Moidoi also comes with magical mode to let kids edit and change the taken images freely to stimulate their creativity. In addition, Moidoi can take pictures while rolling around like a game, which makes it more flexible than an average children’s camera.

[Cheers Jinhwa]

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