MYO armband lets you control gadgets with simple hand gestures

MYO armband_01

Without doubt, the touch controls on your sleek and stylish touch-sensitive devices allows enhanced control and experience, in comparison to conventional devices with keys, but what would say about controlling your gadgets with mere hand gestures. Offering the 3D gesture controls, Thalmic Labs has come up with a wearable device/technology called the “MYO” that lets you control a computer with hand gestures, while the devices with optical sensors are controlled by combining the motion sensing and muscular activity.

Essentially an armband, the MYO senses hand gestures, as soon as you put it on your arm, and sends the consequent signal to the linked device using Bluetooth 4.0. Plus, the muscular detection senses changes in gesture caused by the individual finger through proprietary sensors. With the MYO armband, users can not only play Mass Effect 3 and other games, but they can control iTunes tracks with hand gestures as well. Slated to be shipped late this year, the MYO can now be pre-order for $149 only.

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