Thanko laptop desk to get your work done while relaxing in bed

Thanko bed desk for laptop_01

Not able to sustain the extended work sessions on your desktop due to back pain, check out the new laptop/computer stand from Thanko that lets you work on your computer while lying flat on your back as efficiently as you do on your regular workstation. Essentially a flexible laptop stand with up to a 70 cm top panel, the folding desk comes integrated with clips and belt to strap your laptop up to 5 kg or a book or magazine so you could work on your laptop or read a book/magazine while relaxing in your bed.

In addition, the table includes small fans that you can plug in through a USB port to prevent your laptop/computer from overheating during extended work sessions. Presented in two models, i.e. GORODE80 and GORODE72, the flexible laptop stand is just ideal for people suffering from a backache. Measuring 840 × 350 × 40 mm in dimension, the GORODE80 just weighs 1.96 kg and is priced at ¥ 7,980 (about $85), while on the other hand, the GORODE72 measures 585 × 300 × 40 mm in dimensions, weighs 1.6 kg and is available for ¥ 5,980 (about $64).

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