My Faraday cages your iPhone to bring you to the real world

My Faraday

Smartphones offering different features or applications may help you enhance your social network but they also keep you occupied all the time and spare little time for your family and friends. Addressing the issue, Singaporean designer Zying Chai has come up with a mobile device or product called the “My Faraday” that disconnects your mobile phone, as soon as you enter the home, so you could spend some quality time with loved ones.

Nestling your mobile safely within, the Smartphone dock lets you enter and enjoy the real world and pay more attention to the things going around you and your family. Compatible with iPhone only, the sound proof cage doubles a mood light, when you place your iPhone within, to set the atmosphere. In addition, you can a number of Faradays to create different patterns on your dining or coffee table.

[Cheers Zying]

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